Italy must thank the French for these famous dishes

Ratatouille w/ chicken 23.9
this dish is so famous it even had a movie named after it 

Coq au Vin 23.9
chicken cooked in a red wine sauce w/ bacon, mushroom, and beef stock, its ridiculously delicious 

Lamb fricassee 23.9
Braised lamb w/ leeks & green onions & served with roasted vegetables

Back to Italy all 29.9

bistecca monza
Eye fillet steak wrapped in bacon served on kumara and potato mash, a field mushroom and topped with bernaise

pesce desmosedici ~ fish of the day
roasted snapper on a saffron & prawn risotto finished with fresh tomatoes, capers and olive oil

venison osso buco
served on buttered swede w/ red cabbage

porchetta simoncelli
pork , served on braised Mediterranean vegetables

mclaren lamb
Loin of lamb served on braised red cabbage w/ kumara hash & rosemary jus

pollo picatta
roasted chicken breast served on winter vegetables w/ an olive & prune salsa

salmon como
poached salmon served on creamed leeks & artichokes

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